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Product Design and Development Lab


Product design and development center was started at CET for the development and testing of new designs. The center also has the intention of imparting training on the product design to students and unemployed youth through specialized programs. In the budget for the year 2018- 19, an amount of 15lakhs was year marked to this center. This amount was utilized for the purchase of Coordinate measuring machine, an essential equipment for the accurate measurement, required for the development new products. This center is still in the formative years. To develop it into a full-fledged development center, more equipment, software, computers and training is needed. Students have already started using the existing equipment for the development of new products as well as for their projects. With the help of the new installations, we are planning to convert student’s ideas as well as that of the public to new products. This year, our requirements are as follows.


Item Amount Description
3d printer 25,00,000

Essential for the conversion of the ideas to products. This 3d printer is utilizing ABS plastics as its raw material

ADAMS software 1300000 Very essential software for the development of new mechanism and its analysis
Reverse engineering module for Coordinatemeasuring machine 800000 Tendering process for the Coordinate measuring machine (CMM), which was sanctioned this year is going on. To make this CMM versatile, a reverse engineering module can attached to this machine. Using this attachment any object can be reverse engineered and can be put into production.
Computer (10 nos); 800000 The product design center intend to have its own computercenter for the design and analysis.
Hypermesh software 800000 This software is an essential component in the optimization of existing designs.
Training 300000 One of the major visions of this center is to impart training to the students as well as the public.



Prof. M. Unnikrishnan
Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering

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